Volunteer Opportunities
The Milton B. Trautman Nature Center has many opportunities for folks ranging from teenagers to seniors to help out the park system, meet new friends, and do something good for the environment, all at the same time!

Projects are tailored to the abilities and interests of each individual. 

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Volunteering can be a rewarding experience and doing so at one of 74 state parks in Ohio offers the advantage of being in the great outdoors and the opportunity to get fit naturally.

Volunteers have been making an important contribution to Ohio State Parks since 1982 and the program has grown dramatically and now enrolls more than 6,000 volunteers who assist park staff in a wide variety of ways.

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Vision Statement -

The nationally recognized Ohio State Parks team is committed to service as stewards of the state's most treasured natural resources and tourism destinations.  We innovate, educate, collaborate, and lead, providing a high standard of quality with our family oriented facilities, services and programs.  As ambassadors, we will reach out to build partnerships, involve our communities and enrich the lives of Ohioans with fond memories of visits to Ohio State Parks.  We will honor our rich natural and cultural heritage to ensure a lasting legacy which will feed the hopes and aspirations of all generations.
Mission Statement -

To provide an outdoor recreational experience for Ohio State Park Visitors that exceeds their expectations.

A Volunteer is...

One who offers without compensations to provide services, help and information and who grows as a result of this service.