Things Going on to Improve Your Park
Upgrades and
Best Practices

Landscaping will only last so long.  After several years of patching the flower beds, and pruning back the shrubs it was determined that a major overhaul was needed.  First the guys pulled up the old plants and landscape fabric.  New fabric was put down and covered with river stone.  It gives our office a clean new look.
It was determined that this stretch of bike tire sander/sidewalk near one of our campground showerhouses needed upgrading.  We replaced approximately 300 feet of walk. More walks will be repaired as time and funds become available.
The fishing pond near the big hill had become overgrown with Eurasian water-milfoil.  This is a non-native water plant that was introduced to our environment by the aquarium trade.  It had become a huge problem in this six acre pond, choking off the surface and making it impossible to fish.
It was determined the best solution would be to remove as much of the plant as possible using the harvester shown here (a service of the ODNR construction crew).  We would then stock the pond with 55 white Amur, often called grass carp.  This fish is specially raised for this purpose. It is sterile and does not pose an environmental problem.
At certain check out times at MBSP the campground dump station gets backed up (no pun) with campers trying to leave.  Park manager Jim Brower came up with a system that is working great.  We supplied dump hoses to help out the campers.  This eliminates the problem of unpacking the customers hoses and cleaning them.  With the help of park officers doing traffic control, the last thing our campers remember is getting in and out.
Twenty two loads of milfoil were hauled away and placed in a temporary compost pile.  The composted milfoil will be used in the park to upgrade the soil in the many flower beds
Maumee Bay State Park has recently taken on the project of upgrading the park's website.  The results of this effort are what you are looking at now. 
If you are interested in the process of how we got there please click on this.
Website Development
In order to save time and money we recently installed a drainage pipe through a dike.  This pipe will allow gravity flow from the golf course water system into our wetlands which should reduce man hours and electricity usage.
This project was completed with help from the parks construction crew.
Based on a review of the Park systems customer satisfaction survey, we installed shower curtains in our campground showerhouses.  They were added to both handicapped and standard showers.
More clothing hooks and on the stall doors and pegs on the showerhouse walls was done at the same time.
The parks maintenance departments wood shop can become a dusty place.  A dust collection system was built from leftover materials on hand by park staff.  This system makes our working conditions safer and more pleasant with little cost.
The parks rent-a-camps were showing their age. A make over was required.  The sides, top, and rear window were all replaced and the inside was repainted.  Ready to go for another 15 years.
With shelter-houses being quite expensive, a shade alternative for our day use area was needed for summer visitors.  This is your standard carport.  They are much cheaper than a shelter-house and seem to be very popular with our visitors
We recently covered the walls of the nature centers restrooms and aquarium display area with a fiberglas material called FRP.  This allows us to clean much faster and improves the apearance.
The golf course irrigation system requires a chemical be released into the intake to prevent zebra mussels from blocking the pipe.  A pump was used to supply water  to dilute the chemical and to pump it to the intake. We replaced the pump with a setup consisting of a solenoid valve and pipe which takes advantage of pressure in the holding tank.  The solenoid valve is controlled by power from the start relay on the big irrigation pumps. It is only open when the pumps are running.
MIG Welder
Park employees have created a spreader mount that incorperates the reese hitch and the side board mounting holes.  It makes it very quick and easy to back up to a rack mounted on our barn wall and disconnecting the spreader.
Co-op Work
On the back of one of the park's most experience employees, we have been able to get the cooperation of other local government agencies to help us with projects that we may not have the equipment or expertise to accomplish. Some of the projects include, changing light bulbs on tall poles, cutting brush on ditch banks, patching holes and cracks in asphalt, and others.  It simply takes using contacts and being able to work around others schedules.
Fire Extinguisher mounting brackets are as a rule less than adequate.  Golf course workers decided a new design was in order. A scrap peice of 4" pvc or abs pipe works nicely.  Many different pipe sizes are avalible for different size extinguishers.
McMaster Carr / Grainger
We don't mean to be an advertisement for any one company, but if they don't have it you prabably don't need it.
Goose Horns
Keep those pesky geese off your greens and fareways, get a pair of these babies.  Works every time--- for about a minute.
We recently replaced the old wooden letters on our main entrance sign with these heavy duty plastic letters.  They are tough, impact  resistant and won't fade.  Most fonts are available.
A MIG welder or also called a wire welder has been a great help. It is easy to learn and is more versatile to the average welder.
The Eastern Fox Snake is a species of concern in Ohio.  At Maumee Bay State Park camp ground we have plenty.  In cooperation with researchers from the Toledo Zoo, a survey of this snake is taking place in the park.  The purpose is to better understand why this species does so well here and what can we learn about it life history. 
Helping to protect one of our natural resources.