Maumee Bay Nature Center School Programs

School Program Offerings
Field Trip Information
for the
Milton B. Trautman Nature Center

is surrounded by an 80-acre wetland,
which is traversed by a two and one-half mile elevated boardwalk.
The facility is a premier destination for a broad range of students,
scouts, and special-interest groups. 
Several specific program topics are offered, or programs
may be tailored to meet your special interests and needs.
We specialize in the following focus areas:

Black Swamp History
Plants and Animals of Northwest Ohio
Lake Erie Ecology

Lesson plans are available for field trip activity ideas, and include copy-ready handouts,
games and crafts, each designed for specific ages and abilities.


**An auditorium with desk-top seating; suitable for lectures,
presentations, educational videos and selected activities. 

**Interactive displays and live animals in a working laboratory

**A wildlife window overlooking a feeding station and pond

**Gift shop featuring an extensive selection of field guides and nature items


The State Park and Nature Center do not charge regular entrance fees. 
However, all scheduled school group tours and privately scheduled programs
require a two dollar ($2.00) per participant fee. 
Parents, teachers and chaperones are admitted at no charge.
Fees are due upon arrival, payable by check or cash only.


Mammals For Wee Ones -- Pre-school - K
Study skins, skulls and animal mounts
illustrate what makes a mammal unique….Hands – on fun!

Critters Of Maumee Bay -- Grades 1 - 4
The major classes of animals are discussed, with focus on local species. 
Games, stuffed and mounted animals, and live critters bring the lessons to life !

Wonderful Wetlands -- Grades K - 4
Swamps, bogs, and marshes are often wet, muddy places that are teeming
with life and excitement!   A basic introduction.

Wetlands Up Close -- Grades 5 - 8
Wetland types, benefits of wetlands  and basic ecology is investigated
through discussions, activities and games. 

Boardwalk Explorations -- Grades K - 6
Theme-hike activity ideas are provided for your self-guided Boardwalk tour.

Salute To Songbirds -- Grades K - 6
These lessons include fun activities that relate to various species,
songs, migration, and the conservation of Ohio’s fascinating birds.

Raptors Revealed -- Grades 5 - 8
Hawks, owls, and eagles are powerful and majestic hunters. 
Learn ecology and conservation of these birds-of-prey through crafts and activities.

Eco-Info -- Grades 6 – 8
Activities and games designed to illustrate the effects of water and air pollution
on humans and the other animals of Earth.

Lake Erie Adventures -- Grades 6 – 8
Shoreline development and coastal processes, watershed activities
and the hydrologic cycle are all concepts explored in this unit. 

Mysterious and Magical Monarchs!
(Under Development)

For more details or  to schedule a program,
Please call: (419) 836 – 9117