Deer Exclusion / Habitat Restoration Area

This page was last updated: March 27, 2008
The Deer Exclusion Habitat Restoration Project initially
began with the planting of
the Monarch Butterfly Garden
in 2004.  After having $300.00 worth of native perennials disappear overnight, a perimeter fence was installed to reduce the browsing pressure from our local deer, rabbit, and groundhog populations. 

In 2005, a smaller adjacent area was also fenced in, to allow for the planting of a number of spring ephemeral wildflowers.  To our great delight, in the Spring of 2006 we witnessed blooming Bloodroot, Spring Beauties, Jack-in-the-pulpit, and Dutchman's Breeches, all protected from the hungry munchings of Bambi and Company!


           Site of the new enclosure area
In the autumn of 2007, the naturalist staff decided to enlarge this natural area even further, enclosing in total a full acre of habitat.  Located adjacent to the NC boardwalk entrance, we expect to see a flourishing of flowers, shrubs and sapling trees as they begin to grow, protected from depredations of our local fauna.  
Please visit this site often, as we will be posting pictures of the natural area throughout the coming months.  One of the objectives will be to show that although deer are great to see, too many can causing extensive damage to the biodiversity of our wetland plants, and thus affecting all other wildlife dependant upon them.
           March, 2008