Butterfly Garden Project
Progress Report
This page was last updated: March 27, 2008
In a partnership with the Division of Wildlife, Maumee Bay State Park's Nature Center is working to create a butterfly garden and a new home for its Monarch Butterfly Project.
The first stageThe first stage was building a platform for the gazebo which is completely accessible for any visitor to enjoy.  Stage two is completing the butterfly garden, itself.
On this page you will find a garden construction progress report.
Original gazebo location.

Picture taken during the third annual Monarch Festival, in September, 2005

Our Park Naturalist, has developed an exceptional series of programs, special events and infrastructure surrounding her monarch butterflies.  She initially was awarded half of the cost of the butterfly gazebo ($2000) in the form of a grant from the Division of Wildlife.  Since that time, with the help of several very dedicated volunteers, over 10,000 monarch butterflies have been reared from eggs and released from the butterfly gazebo.

Our park staff is currently implementing an additional $8000 grant from the DOW involving the development of a butterfly garden (Backyards for Wildlife demonstration), a platform to make the gazebo handicap accessible, and professional interpretive signage for both the Monarch rearing project and the butterfly garden.  We have received much praise and accolades from the public regarding this project, many in the form of customer comment cards specifically mentioning the butterfly programs. 

Follow construction of the Butterfly Garden project on this page in the weeks to come.
A gravel path, signage of native plant species, and accessibility ramp will be added soon.


New Gazebo location completed 4/8/06
Site of the new butterfly garden to be 4/20/06
Butterfly Garden: the beginning...
Volunteers and Staff begin the planting
Planting is completed