Bee Hive
Eagle Scout / Nature Center Project
Our observation honey bee hive, located within the Nature Center, was installed in 2004 as an Eagle Scout Project by Steve Konesni, of Troop 136, of Toledo, Ohio.  Honey bees originally lived in the wild in the Old World (Europe, Africa, and Asia), but now they are found everywhere except the coldest polar regions.   Valued since ancient times for the sweet honey they produce, honey bees have been domesticated (kept in hives) and transported like pets.  Honey bees are social insects and can survive the winter as an entire colony by feeding on the honey they have stored.  Honey bees are they only bees that produce large amounts of honey, which cannot be replicated by humans. 

Our hive is a man-made box, containing six frames, with a bee-sized space between each other and the sides and bottom of the hive.  The base of the hive looks like one-half of a large log, cut-away to see the worker bees inside.  A registered bee-keeper and nature center staff will oversee the hive, providing maintenance and consultation so the colony can remain healthy and active.  Come and see for yourself these industrious and amazing creatures in action!